Dear Religion


Since I was nine years old, you have been my companion.  I was very good at learning all your rules and requirements.  I have tried hard to complete all the demands that were put on me by all your rules and although some of them didn’t make sense to me, and I couldn’t find any proof in the Bible regarding these rules, I still felt obligated to try and accomplish these tasks, lest my salvation be in jeopardy.    I am now 53 and have a few questions to ask you.

Religion, with all the rules and regulations that I was required to abide by, where were you during the time I needed you the most?  During the time when my life was falling apart, your rules and requirements did not assist me in overcoming all the obstacles that were placed in my path.  There was no rule that told me what to do when your husband verbally abuses you.  Where were you, Religion?  There were not any rules that guided me or told me what to do when I found out that my husband was abusing my daughter and son.   Where were you during that time, Religion?   You seemed  no where to be found.

Religion, where were you when I was searching for a path after through the ashes of my divorce?  Oh, I heard your voice now and again during that time but again, you never presented yourself with a rule that would guide me to freedom.   I was good at performing and knowing all the right things to say.  You were a good teacher.

Religion, since you have been such a lazy companion and not really committed to our relationship, I’m breaking up with you.  I have found someone better that has helped me through the most desperate times in my life.  His name is Grace.

Grace has been the one that has taught me to forgive myself.   When I was searching for that path in the aftermath of my divorce, Grace found me and picked me up and helped me get on my feet.  When I was working on rebuilding my relationship with my daughter and son, Grace was there to give me his guidance and support.  When I was feeling let down by you, Religion, Grace came and comforted me and gave me strength and told me I could make it.  Grace told me that my past is in the past.  Grace said he loved me just as I was.  He did not require me to preform for him.   He told me there was nothing I could ever do that could make me worthy of his love.  He just loved me because I belonged to him.  Grace didn’t have a list of rules for me to follow.   All that Grace wanted from me was love.  Just to love Him with my whole heart.

So I say good-bye to you Religion.  I am no longer bound by your performance requirements.  I have learned there is a better way to live and I don’t have to be controlled by you anymore.

Grace is amazing!




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