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Getty 2017

Today  I sat and watched the Inauguration almost to the end.  I was at work and watching it streaming.  My daughter was at home watching so we IM’d each other during the program.  Also, my high school marching band had the privilege of being able to march in the parade so I was trying to see them.  Although, I completely missed them.

All in all the whole shebang went off without a hitch.  The normal pomp and circumstance that goes along with traditional government functions.  Everyone smiled at the right time, said the right things, walked the right way and so on.

It was also emotional for me.  Not in the way that someone might think.  I’m not afraid of President Trump and wasn’t afraid of former President Obama.  I think it was a ridiculous notion to be afraid of either of them.  (I think people watch too much news!)  Our country isn’t going to implode.  We’re not going to have a nuclear war and the suggestion of such is a ridiculous idea.  Contrary to what people have watched on TV, there is not a big red button waiting for someone to push to release a nuclear bomb and the President does not have sole authority to do such a thing.

The thing that made me emotional about this was watching President Obama and Michelle Obama leave.  I guess it’s my 20 years as a military wife that made me emotional because I get it!   I get thinking this is the last time I will sleep in this room.  The last time I’ll walk down this hall.  The last time I’ll see these people.  I’ve been there.  Getting ready to leave a place I’ve lived for 4 or 5 years.  The excitement of starting a new journey and the sadness of leaving the old journey.

I sat and watched and chatted with my daughter who also got it.   I cried with them as they walked through the White House one last time, out to the helicopter that was taking them to Joint Andrews Air Force Base. The one last time flight as they flew around their home and neighborhood for the last eight years.   Even now, the emotion wells up inside me thinking about how they felt.    I remember our moves and getting on the airplane while everyone was standing around saying good-bye.   That feeling as the airplane taxis and takes off.  Seeing the town I lived and loved for five years become a miniature play toy.   The emotions are so overwhelming it takes your breath away!   The tears that you have been holding back for weeks are like a dam that breaks.  You can’t stop them!  It doesn’t matter to me whether I liked President Obama’s policies or not.  I’m a decent human being and could feel the pain and emotions of leaving a life they had been living for the last eight years!

Today I was proud to be an American.  Proud of the respect that was shown to President and Michelle Obama.  Proud of the traditions of our country and emotional as they said goodbye to their life as they knew it.  I cried and prayed for strength and peace as they move into another chapter of their lives.  Goodbye President and Mrs. Obama.  Thank you for giving up your lives and serving our country for the last eight years.  God bless you as your new journey begins.  May the next chapter of your life be anything you want it to be!




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