The Problem with the Roof


We make all kinds of  decisions in life that affect the outcome of the future.  Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes not so much.  The problem with the bad decisions is they usually can’t be changed.  Isn’t it funny how that is?  If you make a good decision, then usually things just get better but the results of a bad decision are usually unchangeable and  not only effect you, but everyone that is connected to you.  I don’t know about anyone else,  but I don’t make bad decisions on purpose.  Usually these decisions are made in the heat of the moment.  In a time where your life is in turmoil and you are trying to find a way out.  Sometimes you were in the right place at the wrong time. The wrong decisions we make in life can have devastating consequences.

David was a man after God’s own heart.  He had been serving God since he was a boy.  He killed a loin, a giant, soothed a king with his music, defeated armies, but he still got caught up in the moment and sinned.  David decided to play hooky from the war.  During the time of war, all the men went including the king.  But for whatever reason, David stayed behind.  Maybe he was bored with the war.  He had been fighting and running from King Saul ever since he was anointed the new King.  One evening he decided to go for a walk on the roof.   That’s where he saw Bathsheba bathing.

There are some misconceptions about Bathsheba.   We think she was on the roof bathing but that’s not correct.  The scripture says that DAVID was restless and went for a walk on the roof.  (2Samuel 11:2)  If you’ve ever been up on a roof or up in a tree you can see in your neighbor’s yard.    You don’t have to be really high to look over and spy on your neighbor.  Essentially, that’s what David was doing.  Spying on his neighbor.  In 2 Samuel, the text states that Bathsheba was conducting her month purification cleansing.  This was something women had to do after their monthly cycles because they were considered unclean.  So she was actually performing a private ceremony that David spied on.

At that moment, David should have immediately left the roof and went back to his room.  He did not.   He saw Bathsheba and sent for her and sent went.  I’m sure that when Bathsheba was summoned she was not thinking of being seduced by David.  After all, when the King calls, you don’t say no.  Also, Bathsheba was probably not a stranger in the King’s court.  Not only was Bathsheba married to Uriah, a General in David’s Army, she was the granddaughter of one of his counselors and the daughter of one of his bodyguards.  She probably didn’t think it unusual that she was being summoned.  The fact that she was the daughter of closest, personal counsel  and probably friends,  should have been enough to deter him but it wasn’t.  All David considered at the moment was what he wanted and nothing else.

This is what happens with sin.  Sin is selfish.  It does not think about the consequences of it’s actions.  It is only interested in getting what it needs in that moment.  This is what happened to David.  He not only got what he wanted, but he got more than what he bargained for.  Usually, to cover one wrong, you have to commit multiple wrongs.  Not only did David commit adultery, he also committed murder because Bathsheba became pregnant. No where in the text did it ever refer to the incident as David and Bathsheba’s sin.  The responsibility was squarely on David’s shoulders.  It was his sin.  After Uriah’s death, David took Bathsheba as his wife. She lost the first baby but God had mercy on them and gave them Solomon.  God forgave David of his wrongs, but there were consequences in David’s family long after that walk on the roof.

I thought about this today because my (ex) father-in-law passed away on Saturday.   I wasn’t sure quite how to feel about this.  Of course, I was sad but maybe I was expecting to feel something else.   I thought of all the times we had with him.  The goofy, funny things he did.   His son, who used to be my husband,  allowed the selfishness of sin to control his life and the entire family paid the price.  This made me sad for the entire family.   I was married to their son for 20 years and have known my father-in-law for 33.  I grew to love his family as much as I loved my own.  But because his son chose to be selfish and think of nothing and no one but himself, it changed that bond that had been created.

I still love them very much.    When I was trying to figure out my place in life, our relationship became strained,  but through the grace of God, he brought us all back together.  The relationship has changed because I’m no longer married to their son, but I still love them and they will always be part of my family.


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