Living a Lie

DSCN0052 (2)I did not know about the shootings in Dallas until this morning.  I am just sadden by the turn of events.   I read Facebook post about guns, the political escapade and killings and I’m just at a loss for words.  What has happened to us?

Lately God has been in my heart working on my attitudes about things.  Jesus’ compassion on this earth was for the hurting.  The ones who need a doctor.  Not the Christian/Pharisee standing in church pointing their fingers at others.  Jesus never held back his love from those who were hurting.  He never judged the adulterous woman.  He didn’t point his finger at her and said demand that she change first  and then he could pray for her.  He just loved her.  He didn’t even judge Judas Iscariot who he knew was going to betray him.

What has happened to us “Christians”. When did we think it was our job to be a judge of others?    We are not much different than the Pharisee standing and praying saying look how great I am.  Where in the Bible did Jesus say it was okay for us to give our opinions about how others are living?  Where did it say that we could use our Christianity to be better than others?   The only thing I read where Jesus did any kind of rebuke was talking to the Christians of that day and he was very harsh with them.  He called them a brood of vipers!  Is this what we’ve become?  A pit of snakes?

My heart is broken today.  It is broken for the people that are hurting in this world.  For the ones that are caught in a life of sex trafficking.  People that are sick or homeless.  The poor, blind, hungry and naked.   This is who Jesus came to help.  It’s time to remove the blinders  of complacency than the enemy has put on our eyes and see a world that is hurting and needs help!  If we are true followers of Jesus, we need to get up and be about our Father’s business.


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