Going home.

I am fortunate to be born and raised in Louisiana!  I know that sounds snobby but Louisiana has so much diversity that you never know what you will find!  My mom and dad have lived n the same spot for 48 years. We moved to this place in 1968.  It belonged to someone else and we bought it.  It was an old homestead place so there was lots of interesting things for little kids to find.  It has since been cleaned up and doesn’t look the same as when I was a kid.

My daughter and her family were able to go home at the same time which was great! My granddaughters have been in Arizona since a little bit after they were born so all they see mostly is brown!  

The days leading up to the trip they would talk about it.  They had been watching “Little House on the Priarie” DVD so this was their picture of what their great grandmother home would look like.  One day my oldest granddaughter told her mom she couldn’t wait to ” run in the fields” at Grandmothers!

One of the advantages of going back home is being in the country.  The cell phone service is very limited and my mom doesnt have internet so you are forced to have conversations with people.  So the kids have to figure out things to do to pass the time. 

  My granddaughters, Lindsey and Lacey and in the middle my niece Isabelle entertaining themselves.

Then there is always the party.  My brother making gumbo and my dad cooking BBQ.  I haven’t been home in a few years so I always request BBQ.  No one can make BBQ sauce like my dad!  He has his own recipe.  I think we had about 30 people for h this shindig.  The more the merrier. 

 My daughter Shannon and my brother Kenny.

I can’t end this post without a few pictures of what makes Louisiana home.  My best friend and I pretended to be tourist and drove to Natchitoches which is a little city that was established in 1714 and one of the oldest permanent settlements in the Louisiana Purchase.

  I love my home!  Nothing else like it unless you visit France.  They are cousins!  As the Cajuns say,

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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