Blown About

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. This time of year we have monsoons that blow in and cause havoc with rain and wind sometimes. We’ve even been in the news this week because of the flooding.

This morning, as I was walking my dog Louie, he spied a quail sitting against the corner of the house. There are a couple of things odd about this quail. If you’ve ever seen quail, they are usually together. All of them. They work as a group and when something startles them they run away as a group. (Which actually is called a covey.) So the strange thing about this quail is he was alone. All by himself. His other group members were no where to be found. The other thing is it was 4:30 in the morning and still dark. Not even the birds were up yet! I believe this is what happened. Last night during another monsoon storm he had became disoriented and lost because of the wind and rain and because it was dark he couldn’t find his way back to his covey. I’m sure he was very afraid!

This made me think. I have been blown around by a storm and disoriented. I have been living my normal routine of life and then all of a sudden this big monsoon storm blows in and everything become dark and windy. The rain pours in like sheets and I can’t see. My life was blown of course and I became disoriented,lost and afraid.

One of the things that stuck me about the little lost quail was he wasn’t running around in the dark trying to find his way home. He was just sitting very still up against the corner of the house waiting for daylight so he could see and find he way back to his people. Isn’t that interesting! Unlike me, who has been running around in the dark trying to find my way home.

Once, Jesus was on a boat with some of his disciples when storm blew up. (Matt. 8:23-27) What is interesting about this situation is Jesus had just healed a leaper. He also healed a centurion soldiers’ servant just by speaking it so but yet the disciples were still afraid and didn’t trust Jesus to get them through the storm.

This has been my life. I have been running around in the dark, blown about by the monsoon winds trying to do thing MY way. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen him work in another persons life, I still run around in the dark and the rain searching for the answer to my storm on my own. Not trusting Him to take care of the situation.

I am tired of being cold and wet!


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