Fat is the new skinny


Why is this never a “thing”.   You hear 40 is the new 30;  50 is the new 40.   What does this mean?  Why can’t fat be the new skinny?    If fat were the new skinny then I wouldn’t have to worry about what I’m eating.  I could eat anything and still be the “in” crowd.

Along with all the other advice I’ve received about how to lose weight I have also been told to eat like a skinny person.  Have you ever been around a skinny person while they were eating?  It’s very interesting.   I was recently at an event a friend of mine was hosting at a restaurant she does the event catering for.  Of course it involved food.  We were to try a few new offerings the restaurant was introducing.  So the first thing we had was a chicken sandwich.  It was a very good chicken sandwich so I ate the entire thing.  The next thing we had to try was chicken nuggets.  I ate all those too and a couple my daughter had left!   I was sitting close to skinny people (I’m usually the fat one in the bunch) when  I noticed that while I gobbled up my chicken sandwich the skinny person only ate half the sandwich.  How the heck did she do that?  Then when the chicken nuggets came out she only at 2 or 3.  I was still reeling from the fact that she only at half that sandwich and was just mesmerized that she only ate 2 or 3 chicken nuggets.  

This is not the first time I’ve noticed this phenomenon.  I have skinny friends.  When they open a bag of chips, they take ONE chip out and nibble it like mouse.   When I open a bag of chips, I eat as many as I can fit in my mouth at once.   And usually eat them until the bag is empty making sure I turn it upside down to get all the crumbs from the bottom.  After all I don’t want to be wasteful.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not mad at skinny people.  I just admire their self-control.  There’s a word!  Self-control!  To control myself.  I DO have self control.  I don’t go out to bars and drink until I can’t stand up.  I don’t cheat on my husband.  I control my temper. (well sometimes) So why can’t I have that kind of self control when I pass a plate of cookies.   Why can’t I pick up that cookie and just eat a few bites and have no more care about that cookie as I would a cup of rocks sitting there?  

The Lord does funny things sometimes.  Today my devotion was Daniel 1: 8-16 where Daniel was presented with a challenge from the King to eat the royal food so the King could have men fit to serve. But Daniel, not wanting to defile his body, presented an alternative for him and his friends. For 10 days his friends would eat only vegetables and water and the King’s men would eat the royal food. In the end, the King could judge who was the best fit.  Daniel could have justified  eating the royal food.  After all it’s only food.  What’s this one time going to hurt.  What’s the big deal.   I can eat this now and then once this challenge is over go back to eating my food.   But Daniel didn’t chose the easy way.  He chose to do what was right.  He chose to honor God with his whole body.  Because of Daniel’s decision, God gave Daniel the place of honor in the King’s kingdom and gave the more wisdom than any of the wise men that were serving the King at this time and gave his the ability to interpret dreams.  Little did Daniel know that when he made the decision to honor God with his eating that he was going to save not only him and his friends but also the other officials.  

So today am I going to honor God with my eating habits?


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