A Name for Myself

I don’t really have a name for myself. Just plain Donna. I always wanted a fancy name or one of those names that you can change with a letter at the end. Like Tami with an “i” and one “m” instead of Tammy with two “m’s” and a “y”. Or Nikki for Nicole. My name is not that clever. It’s just Donna. It is not pretentious. I could have taken out the extra “n” but it’s not the same as Tami with an “i” or Sandi instead of Sandy. So I will just bask in the knowledge that Donna or Dona in Italian means lady or a closer version is lady of the home. A title of respect.

I’m just Donna or as my mom would call me Donna Sue.


About gypsygurl64

Just me and my thoughts.
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