Starting point

So again this week I decided to lose weight. Like I do every hour of the day. I get up every morning thinking this will be the day it clicks only to get to work and find someone brought cookies to work or a fabulous cake and all my good intentions fly out the window! Then I go home and try to eat right but fail at that also. Then I go to bed thinking why did I eat that? What is wrong with me? And the cycle repeats itself! I’ve tried EVERY diet out there. Optifast, Weight Watchers, Aktins and so on. Lose weight only to gain it again. Well meaning people who call themselves encouraging (I guess) say you just need will power. Don’t give up! Eat all plants! Don’t eat any carbs! Exercise! So I don’t give up, eat all plants, don’t eat carbs and exercise but still stuck in the same hole. Then there are those who believe that shaming will result in will power and help me lose weight. Why are you eating THAT? Did you really need that candy bar? You’re just lazy! You just need stick-to-itiveness.

Stick-to-itiveness! The dictionary defines this a dogged perseverance. Tenacity. I’ve always thought of myself as having tenacity until it comes to losing weight. Then all that tenacity and dogged perseverance just disappears. It’s like a fairy is standing around with tenacity dust and sprinkles just enough to get me up and then flies away with her bag of dust taking the rest of that elusive perseverance with her! It’s like trying to catch dandelion seeds floating on the breeze. I’m running trying to catch the little white floating seeds but they seem to go higher and higher until I can’t see them anymore.

Once again I’m on this same path as I been on a hundred times before. Looking for the answer to my problem. Trying to find that stick-to-itiveness. Looking for that fairy with the tenacity dust and trying to catch dandelions.


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3 Responses to Starting point

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  2. emmiehillerby says:

    I think we all could do a with a bit (or a lot in my case) of tenacity dust, when you find the fairy get her to sprinkle some my way… In the event of her continued elusiveness I believe you can do it. We all have good days and bad but as long as we keep trying we’ll get there on the end

  3. Veena S. says:

    ‘So again this week I decided to PUT ON weight’ does that sound ? My case is just opposite, and it’s been for over 20 yrs.Get that fairy dust and sprinkle it on me too 🙂 I guess we are both worrying , not living, enjoying what we have around us. Happy days ahead.

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